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Inc Corp

Innovative materials through technology and teamwork

I.N.C. Corporation Pty Ltd is a medium-size private company based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, that produces high-performance, environmentally-sound engineered materials, for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

I.N.C. Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures, innovative laminated and coated materials australia for diverse industrial markets.

  • Automotive trim
  • Acoustic materials
  • High performance thermal insulation
  • Filtration media
  • Upholstery foam replacements
  • Textile laminates
  • UV-cured pressure sensitive adhesives

Based in South Dandenong, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, INC operates from some 14,000sqm, that has been constructed to showcase the unique technologies available from Australia’s leading manufacturer of Engineered Materials.

Through organic growth and acquistion, INC has developed a comprehensive range of differentiated capabilities that the provide a sustainable competitive advantage for continued growth. We work closely with our strategic partners to create materials that provide unique benefits.


At I.N.C. we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the production of engineered composite materials.


INC invests seriously in research and development as a core business activity with more than 10% of sales invested in innovation activities. Innovation extends into all business aspects and the INC team is committed to a philosophy of operational and technical excellence that is based upon the philosophy that we have to regularly aim to put ourselves out of business.

Innovation drives continuous improvement in our technology, and our teamwork, so that we can engineer materials that provide superior vales for our customers.


The product range described above is based upon technology that is focussed on four key areas of expertise:

Three-dimensional nonwoven textiles provide a base for a broad range of acoustic, thermal, filtration and upholstery materials.

DECI-TEX is a range of patented acoustic textiles that have been designed, developed for critical applications wherever high performance is a key requirement. Optimised performance is a major reason for this success. DECI-TEX acoustic materials are found in all Australian manufactured passenger vehicles, trucks, HVAC systems and commercial interiors.

AEROTEX 3-D textiles provide performance benefits in filtration through high efficiency and low restriction, while upholstery foam replacements through exceptional load bearing capability, resilience and recovery.

RADICAL Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes are based on INC’s unique UV-curing adhesive technology, and are rapidly expanding our presence in the high-performance industrial specialty tape market.

Moulded automotive components contribute to the interiors of passenger vehicles and heavy trucks in areas such as trunk trim, door ornaments and parcel trays. Both DECI-TEX and AEROTEX textiles are provided in forms that can be moulded for specific purposes.

Textile laminates  provide interior solutions for automotive and commercial interiors.


We supply our materials into  original equipment markets in automotive, transport, whitegoods, HVAC, and commercial interiors. Through strategic relationships, we service other non-core markets, through specialist distribution channels.

I.N.C. is a strategic partner to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), in a first-, second-, and third-tier level.


I.N.C. is accredited to IS09001 and was the fifth AUstralian automotive supplier to be accredited to TS 16949.

Design and development activities include in-house laboratory verification of performance as well as field validation.


A strong commitment to the environment is another part of our culture, with accreditation to ISO 14001.

Replacement of solvents with inert processes as part of our environmental management strategy:

  • DECI-TEX and AEROTEX textiles are produced from recyclable and include a percentage of regenerated and/or recycled materials.
  • RADICAL pressure sensitive adhesives are produced from 100% solids and cross-linked by UV radiation in a totally solvent free process.
  • Textile laminates are produced using dry lamination techniques that have zero solvent and smoke emmissions.

I.N.C. has invested in agroforestry as as a carbon dioxide sink.

In development of our new facility, we have included environmental measures such as:

  • Rain water tanks for irrigation
  • Solar hot water
  • Use of extensive daylight
  • Light and motion sensitive lighting
  • Low-energy buidling design
  • Use of sustainable materials where possible.



I.N.C. is fully committed to sharing our success with all stakeholders

  • Shareholders
  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • The Community.


I.N.C. recognises that growth in a global world depends on a strong commitment to innovation. Our ongoing focus is on continued development of innovative materials, and to consistently improve our products, processes and systems.

We will continue to invest in leading- edge technology to guarantee our capabilities and to ensure the success of our stakeholders. INC technology is available for licensing, with licenses already established for DECI-TEX lightweight acoustic textiles, in the USA. Licensing inquiries are welcome.